Our Mission

CDNI at a Glance

We are a passionate team who believes in helping and supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. We started our services three years ago and have helped numerous people through our efforts since. 

CDNI has been assisting new migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in their settlement in Australia, particularly during challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020. We strongly support disadvantaged and marginalised individuals, as well as women and the elderly.

Our Impact So Far

CDNI has provided essential support for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds who have faced unique challenges when dealing with domestic and family violence, including language barriers, insecure visa status, social isolation, and multi-perpetrator violence. The organisation’s ongoing goal is to express strong resistance against all forms of family violence and culturally sanctioned abuse.

Many of CDNI’s programs also aim to build social connections, reduce isolation, and improve the mental health of older Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. These initiatives have garnered highly positive responses, with participation exceeding expectations and positive feedback from all involved.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, CDNI played its part in alleviating the hardship of vulnerable migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers impacted by the pandemic. The organisation distributed food vouchers; ran programs focused on reducing isolation and building new skills; and delivered Covid hygiene & safety messages in multiple languages to migrant and refugee communities in Sydney. This was made possible through funding from local and state governments. 

Our Achievements So Far

In early 2022, CDNI received Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, appointed staff, and established office space in Merrylands. These milestones reflect the positive outcomes achieved for the community and enable CDNI to continue its work with an energetic and committed team. The organisation is proud of its team’s contribution during the pandemic and is confident in its ability to step up its efforts and initiatives in the future.

Our Vision

A society that is equal, just and inclusive, where all people are treated with respect and dignity, where everyone belongs and has a place within the community

Our Values

  • RESPECT: We foster respect from all communities toward each other’s cultures
  • EQUITY: We ensure that everyone has access to the same resources and opportunities, regardless of their cultural background, and that no one is discriminated against or disadvantaged due to their culture or community.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: We strive to create a culture where all voices are heard, respected and valued.

Our Objectives and Purposes:

  • Recognising and alleviating the suffering, misfortune, helplessness, distress and/or poverty facing some newly arrived migrants and refugees by providing unique, culturally appropriate services
  • Addressing gaps in other services (i.e., providing services that do not currently exist) to alleviate the above; and
  • Consult with government agencies and the community about the challenges faced to alleviate poverty and distress.

Affiliate Member

    I confirm my intention to be a member of Cultural Diversity Network Inc (CDNI). I have read and understood CDNI's constitution. I undertake to abide by the constitution; to act in a manner that is consistent with CDNI's values of equality, inclusion, diversity and embracing of difference; and to support CDNI's mission of helping migrants and refugees achieve a sense of belonging, independence and purpose through education, work, social connection and friendships.

    Cultural Diversity Network Inc (CDNI) and its members acknowledge the Aboriginal people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which CDNI operates.