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Safety and security of Women- A Program for Tamil Women – 25-03-2022, 1-04-2022, 8-04-2022

Her Business – 27/02/2022

International Women’s Day – 08/03/2022

Covid Safety Message 12/11/2021

Mental Health awareness and wellbeing program 18/12/2021

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25/11/2021

Refugee Stories 28/11/2020

Talking Mental Health 21/11/2020

Independent Woman 28/10/2020

Get Online Week 25/10/2020

Powerful and Creative Youth 10/10/2020

Refugee Week 17/6/2020

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    I confirm my intention to be a member of Cultural Diversity Network Inc (CDNI). I have read and understood CDNI's constitution. I undertake to abide by the constitution; to act in a manner that is consistent with CDNI's values of equality, inclusion, diversity and embracing of difference; and to support CDNI's mission of helping migrants and refugees achieve a sense of belonging, independence and purpose through education, work, social connection and friendships.

    Cultural Diversity Network Inc (CDNI) and its members acknowledge the Aboriginal people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which CDNI operates.