We Focus On:

  • Creating pathways to women’s support services that ease the suffering and distress of women, caused by domestic and family violence including safety planning, support services, and legal rights.
  • Emphasising and providing full-fledged support and counselling to discriminated women and newly settled women in Australia.

Domestic Violence Support Services

CDNI provides culturally appropriate support services to women suffering from domestic violence. We drive our services to specifically assist women to improve their personal safety, leave circumstances of domestic violence, and access police, legal aid or other support & resources.

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Case Management Support

Our organisation offers case management assistance tailored to the cultural background of women and their children from refugee and migrant communities who are facing domestic and family violence (DFV). We pair each client with a seasoned case worker who speaks their language and shares their cultural heritage. We aim to aid these women in enhancing their personal security, escaping from domestic violence situations, and accessing relevant legal, police, and other resources.

Career Counselling for Women

CDNI also focuses on services to help women, especially from migrant communities, prepare and enter the workforce, establish their own small businesses and/or to become financially literate and independent. We believe helping women from various backgrounds, settled in Australia, will not only improve the conditions of women in Australia but also foster cultural diversity and inclusion among all communities.

Services That Support Women

CDNI arranges various events and seminars, monthly and annually, to keep the flow of initiatives going that encourage women’s support services, counseling for women’s mental health issues, women’s legal services, and other relevant support services.


Many women from migrant and refugee backgrounds face challenges related to domestic and family violence (including language barriers, insecure visa status, social isolation and multi perpetrator violence. CDNI’s DFV programs access these socially isolated people and communities and recognise the importance of culturally appropriate domestic and family violence awareness programs. These programs aim to provide knowledge to vulnerable women about self-reliance and empowerment, and it is expected that they will exert influence and persuasion against all forms of family violence and culturally-sanctioned abuse.

Our focus areas are: 1) Case Management 2) Awareness Program 3) Advocacy


Program: Workshops on SUPPORT FOR WOMEN

Women, face difficulties in entering jobs or holding on to them, caused by lack of relevant financial literacy; issues of women’s safety at workplaces, and lack of confidence in job preparation and application. As part of both social and refugee support to newly settled women in Australia, we provide these workshops, conducted by industry experts and impactful entrepreneurs on: 1) Confidence building & Job preparation 2) Financial literacy 3) Women’s Safety



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